Brand Ambassadors

The Program

We'd love to hear from you! Are you driven, self-reliant, outgoing, creative, honest, passionate, dedicated, optimistic, connected, and confident?

Our team is looking for driven applicants that embody the lifestyle and values for the Esdi Essel brand.


  • Must be at least 18 to submit an application without parental approval.
  • Must have active social media accounts, preferably 500 active followers on any social media platform.
  • Represent the Esdi Essel brand in fun, unique, and fashionably creative ways!
  • Work to build a solid relationship between Esdi Essel and your community.

How it Works

After applying, you will be given a unique discount code that you can share among your colleagues, friends, and family. Take creative photos wearing Esdi Essel apparel and simply mention us in your post along with the hashtags #EdsiEssel, #SuiteLife #LifeIsSuite or #EsdiHouston and your code! 

*If you do not feel comfortable posting videos and images to your social media account, you are more than welcome to send the images/videos to us and we will do the promotion.*

What YOU Will Receive

  1. Custom discount codes.
  2. Priority over print models to be featured on our website and other marketing material.
  3. Vip Access to Fashion Events.
  4. Free Esdi Essel logo tshirts.
  5. 15% Profit Split from each order placed using your code

How Can I Join the Ambassador Program?

  • Please read carefully!
  • Below you will find the link to a signup form.
  • Please choose a one-word discount code that you'd like to use to promote with. This is the code that your followers will use at checkout to receive 10% off. 
  • We will then review your application. If your ambassador application is approved, you will be notified within 1-2 weeks. Along with your notification, you will receive additional details about the program.

Unfortunately, we can’t accept everyone into the program. But, we encourage applicants to reapply in the future!

Thanks again for your interest in joining the team!


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