Balloon Money Bank - Doggy

  • $ 60.00

Bank it - DOGGY STYLE!

Ceramic with glossy finish.
Size: 12" x 4 " x 10" H

Professionals say dogs are not dangerous if you raise them right, but with this doggy dog you do not have to worry about it at all.  No walking, grooming or feeding is involved to make him happy and look good.  The DOGGY Balloon Money Bank is designed to store your spare change as well as to complement your living quarters or office space, and, yes, it will definitely serve as a great conversation piece and busy petting station! 

It is your time to become the owner of the cutest and least dangerous dog in town.


- Baby Shower Party Gift
- Christmas Gift
- Gift for Him or Her
- Family Holiday Gift


Made In: China

Shipped From: United States

Lead Time: 3 - 4 Days